The White Bluff Property Owners Association Customer Service
takes phone calls from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm  Central Time
(excluding weekends and holidays).
The White Bluff Property Owners' Association and United Equitable
Mortgage have moved to Double Diamond's new office at suite 200

>5495 Belt Line Road, in northern Dallas , TX  75254-7658

Between Montfort and Preston, on Belt Line, take Prestonwood north.  
Make the second right, (just past some business buildings)and 5495
is a 3 story dark red brick building, behind an elevated parking structure.
(800) 279-2502
(800) 324-7438 ext 7809
Most of the documents
on this site are in .pdf format.  
If you do not already have one,
get a free Adobe reader
Free White Bluff
If you bought from Double Diamond after 2009,
did your salesperson tell you about any
lawsuits involving White Bluff owners?

Would you have bought at White Bluff,
if you knew about those

Do you feel that your salesperson failed to
give you information that was necessary or
appropriate, for you to make an informed
decision, about your White Bluff purchase?

If your HUD Report did NOT mention that
Double Diamond was involved in any lawsuits,
would you like to complain to HUD, and get
special attention from an Official, who just
might be interested in
hearing from you ?
Save this .txt file to your computer.
Open it with Notepad, select Edit  and Find your name.
If you're NOT a member of the Lawsuit, sorry, I believe its too late to join.
I believe that you will not be able to possibly collect
thousands in refunds.
If you still want to try, go to the lawsuit site
To get email updates about news at White Bluff,
send your name,
lot number and
membership ID number
to Sherrie Tarver